Dinamik Metal Forging, can offer quick solutions to customer requests.” With “UNIGRAPHICS CAD-CAM SOFTWARE PROGRAMS“, 3D models of the parts are drawn, and mould design is made. Our company, which adopts the principle of working collectively with the customer in this process, offers “Low Cost” and “Quality Products“. The moulds produced are elaborately controlled. After the first approval of the product from the customer, the manufacturing process takes place.

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  • To ensure the design and production of personalized implants
  • To reduce production costs with innovations in product and production processes
  • To provide long-lasting products to patients (those in need) by increasing product quality and standards. (Strength of implants)
  • To provide added value to our country.
About Production


Hip prosthesis, shoulder prosthesis, platinum (plaque, trauma), custom design prostheses are forged as semi-finished products.

Machine parkour:

  • 100 tonnes friction press
  • 300 tonnes friction press
  • 400 tonnes friction press
  • 500 tonnes friction press
  • 800 tonnes friction press
  • 1200 tonnes friction press
  • 30 tonnes eccentric press
  • 60 tonnes eccentric press
  • 100 tonnes eccentric press
  • 4 pcs. 1000 kg of table bearing CNC vertical machining
  • 1.5 meters lathe machine
  • 200 kW compressor
  • 400 kW compressor
  • 600 kW compressor
  • 2 pcs. induction tempering machine (250 KW)
  • 2 pcs. radial drilling machine
  • 2 pcs. 360 mm band saw machine
  • 2 pcs. sandblasting machine
  • 3 pcs. sanding machine

Quality Certificates

Our company is an enterprise with “ISO9001-2008 Certificate” and “ISO 13485 Certificate“, which is the Orthopedic Medical Prosthesis Manufacturing Standard. The products are meticulously checked at every stage and the shipment process is carried out in accordance with the standards and customer specifications.


About Us

Our company was established in 2006 in Karabağlar Aşık Veysel neighborhood as an automotive and agricultural machinery spare parts forging facility. In 2006, as a result of trials and tests, it switched to medical prosthesis and plaque forging manufacturing.

Since 2006, we have been serving the healthcare sector by forging all kinds of medical parts and strengthening the machine park where we make our organization. Our products are manufactured with a dimensional precision that will reduce the processing cost with the anatomical structure compatibility.


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